Snow Plowing in Maine

We have extensive knowledge of plowing as we have been doing it for many years. Again, we are fully insured and offer everything from plowing every few inches to plowing after each storm, depending on the amount of snow that’s due to accumulate. Any storm calling for more than 6-8” will have to be plowed prior to the end due to the weight of the snow on the plows. We also offer sand and salt applications as well.

Commercial & Residential Plowing

We have been plowing residentially and commercially for many years now. We plow everything from driveways to the most demanding box stores, grocery stores, condos, post offices etc. We work with each business or residential customer to identify their concerns and priorities and we try to create custom snow plow plans to fit each unique need. If you’d like an estimate for plowing, we’re your people, just give us a call to set something up!

Snow removal equipment removing snow at night from a parking lot

Snow Removal

Often when plowing, especially commercially, the need for snow removal is necessary. Years of planning and executing many snow removals, has given us the ability to get them done quickly and efficiently. Often done at night, we coordinate the trucking and dump sites, so your business will be up and running in the morning and without interference. The more parking spots stores have available equals greater revenue opportunities. 


Private Road & Camp Road Plowing

We can provide regular plowing throughout the season or be a bit more sporadic if access isn’t required at all times. We offer regular servicing of private roads as well as more sporadic servicing of camp roads if access isn’t required regularly. Again, sand or salt is available as well. Give us a call to discuss your needs!

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